Red Wood and Bristle Shaving Brush - BNIB

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Shaving Brushes

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Shaving Accessories


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hand made

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Shaving Brush A red wood and bristle shaving brushIt stands about 4.5 inches or 11cm tall and is a brand new item A nice traditional piece of shaving kit. I am having a major clear out of the house and stock rooms - it really is about time............ so there will be some fabulous stuff, and a bit of old tat, for sale over the next few weeks. Will be carefully packed to foil the postmen The boring bits............ Despite everything written below, I actually enjoy selling on e bay........................ it makes money and satisfies the masochistic part of my nature............ Most customers are great, even when things go wrong, as they sometimes will. Our Feedback is good, especially considering that most of the things we sell are delicate breakable vintage items. But now that we can't leave negative feedback for mad buyers, this really is the only way.......... I post daily, unless the car breaks down or we're flooded, or the mice running this computer escape from their little wheel, or I have a terrible hangover from celebrating with Krug Champagne our latest e bay sale, or something. All our prices are in Pounds Sterling, the currency used on our small island. NOT dollars, Moon Tokens or little Glass Beads. We live in a house heated by log fires.......... so, although every fabric based item is freshly laundered before being sent out, if the faint whiff of woodsmoke that seems to cling to everything offends you, please don't bid on these items, I won't refund you 'because it smells of smoke' - you can rinse it through again if you want to............. Yes, I know that sounds stroppy, but its either make this clear at the beginning or lose the will to live............ I always obtain proof of posting, but really cannot be responsible for the post office's whimsical delivery standards, We do offer a recorded delivery service, and would strongly advise that you use it. If you don't, and the item goes missing, I'll send you the proof of posting so that you can make a claim from the post office. If you choose the recorded delivery option and it still goes missing, I'll sort it out myself and refund your money. Sometimes I even just spring for the Recorded Delivery cost myself if I'm really pleased with the price I get for an item........ but don't rely on this. We will only post to ITALY on an INTERNATIONAL SIGNED FOR service - far to much goes missing otherwise. We will not post to NIGERIA at all, even if you do offer to put the £78,000,000 that you have stolen from your government into my bank account. The post office will not insure delicate items........... the dear of them.......... so we offer a voluntary insurance scheme with all our items. We pack everything very very well so as to protect them from the Postal Services, but if you take out this insurance and your item arrives in more pieces than it should, let us know and we'll organise a refund. If you would like this insurance, please e mail us after you have won the item and we can add it on to the invoice for you. The cost of this insurance is £2 per listing won. It is your responsibility to read the listing properly. I try to describe everything thoroughly and honestly, but we can all make mistakes at times and if you think that the item wasn't described properly, contact us and we'll sort something out - we are nice people really......... VINTAGE OR ANTIQUE ITEMS.......Will, funnily enough, probably not look as if they were made yesterday.If you would like your 'antique' to look as if they were made yesterday, we suggest buying from China, where many were, indeed, made yesterday. Our Vintage and Antique items will have age related wear. We will detail any damage, or serious wear - we will also let you know if the item is, in fact, in mint condition.But please.......... if you are buying an 80 year old toast rack, someone will have used and cleaned it before you........ We would like paying for items you have bought, this is the usual arrangement between buyers and sellers........... preferably within 7 days....... if you can't do that for any good reason, let us know....... please, we don't bite, much. If you e mail me and I don't answer you within 10 minutes, it is not personal, I am not out to get at you / ruin your day / life / marriage or whatever, it means that I have slipped the chain from around my ankle and escaped to do something more interesting - like shop for food, hurl abuse at the family or drink large amounts of the aforementioned champagne. We will refund if we make a terrible mistake on the listing - i.e. tell you it is Gold when it is Brass, Get the maker wrong i.e Wedgewood instead of Marks and Spencers or something similar. We will NOT REFUND if it is 1mm larger or smaller than the description - if you need such precision, please e mail us before bidding to point this out. We will NOT REFUND, if you 'thought' it was going to be larger, smaller, a different colour, shape, material or object than the listing states....... ask first.......... We will NOT REFUND if you tell us that you saw your postman throw the package into your garden and the item got broken (Seriously, its been tried.........) We will NOT REFUND if it did not get there in time for your Gran's birthday - but we will always endeavor to make sure that any urgent orders are sent out as quickly as possible, especially if you tell us it is for some special occasion, we have even been known to make the 14 mile round trip especially to post out a parcel worth £1. We will NOT REFUND if the item doesn't arrive and you have not used the Signed for services offered, we will send you the proof of posting and you can make the claim yourself. We will NOT REFUND if the item gets there broken unless you have taken up the insurance option offered. We have 7 years experience in packing delicate items and always, always, make sure we do a proper job and then double it for safety and very little is damaged in the post, but it does happen - even when we buy things on e bay it happens. We will always abide with any ruling made by either e bay or paypal if there is a disagreement between us, they have to be made to do something for their exorbitant fees. Postage Costs - Please Read this bit.............Post Office Exorbitant Price Hike............ Because of this hike, our postage costs have risen dramatically - based on the size as well as the weight of the item. SO........ it really is worth seeing if we have anything else that you like if you are thinking of buying, we can often dramatically reduce the postage costs for you.......... If you buy more than one item from us, please wait to be invoiced before paying so that we can apply an appropriate postage discount. We keep our postage costs to a reasonable level - but they do have to reflect packaging materials and the time and petrol taken to deliver to a post office 7 miles from our base (good old post office cutbacks). I do this 14 mile round trip daily, whether I have one parcel to post or 20, because there is very little more boring than paying for something and then waiting a week for the seller to get round to posting it.......... E bay have now decided to take sellers who get less than perfect scores on postage charges out and shoot them, or at least, as they can't actually do that, to seriously restrict their sales - which if this is how you earn your living can be a complete financial disaster. Whilst you might think that four out of five on the dsr ratings (if you bother to fill them in......... I never do I must admit) is good, e bay don't think the same way. Only 5/5 is ok with them. If you feel robbed by our postage charges - please get in touch with us rather than just leaving less than perfect scores............. We do our best to be fair, but we really can't help the post office charges. We calculate postage on a 'rough guess' basis, sometimes we guess wrongly. Where we guess to low, we lose, but if we make an awful mistake and charge significantly more than the actual cost, we will refund you via paypal if you e mail us to let us know. Oh, and please remember that e bay score on DESPATCH time, NOT delivery time......... we can control when we post items, but once in the hands of the post office, there isn't much we can do.......... We do not set out to make a profit from postage costs............ If you buy more than one item from us, from any listings, we do like to give you a postage discount where possible - it all helps, and you might even spend it with us........ who knows........? But, now that e bay charge us fees on the postage costs as well as the selling prices, we do need you to ask us for a total invoice once you've finished your shopping, so that we can invoice you for the reduced postage costs, thereby avoiding ebay charging us fees on your full postage costs. I know you're all keen to pay asap, and it is appreciated, but if you go ahead and pay the full postage costs, we will no longer be able to give you as large a discount as we would like to. We will still do what we can of course, but we will have to take ebay's rake off into account when discounting postage costs paid before invoice. Thanks...........In an attempt to keep overheads down, and prices as low as we can, for the period 1st April until the 1st October 2022, we will be posting twice a week - Mondays and Thursdays instead of every day....... so although despatch time is entered on ebay as 3 days - that is the maximum length of time, and items bought on Thursday or Monday will be posted on the day of purchase.