IPL Laser Hair Removal Device with 9 Energy Levels

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  • 【Satisfy Any Skin Needs】GERCY IPL hair removal device has 9 levels of adjustable energy, suitable for any skin sensitivity needs. The higher the energy level, the more obvious the hair removal effect. It has a built-in smart chip to protect you from being burned. It is recommended for first-time users to start from the first level and gradually increase the level of use
  • 【Nearly Unlimited Number of Uses】The hair laser removal has a maximum flash count of 999,999 times enough for lifetime use, does not require you to purchase a second time or replace the cartridge, and the IPL hair removal devicel is ergonomically designed so that even a single person can easily complete a full body hair removal
  • 【2 Flash Smart Modes】The hair removal laser comes with manual and automatic modes, the default is manual mode, press and hold the flash button for 3 seconds to switch to automatic mode, manual mode is suitable for precise areas such as lips, fingers, armpits and bikini line. Auto mode is suitable for large areas such as arms, legs, abdomen, and back
  • 【Permanent, Painless, Non-allergenic】GERCY ipl laser hair removal uses upgraded Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to accurately irradiate the depths of the hair follicle to break the cycle of hair regeneration and is certified by the Skin Health Alliance dermatology to be gentle, painless, and without any side effects. Clinical results prove that using After 8 weeks your skin will be smooth and achieve permanent hair removal
  • 【Private Beauty Salon】The laser hair remover allows you to get a more private and comfortable permanent hair removal experience at home, no longer need to go to the salon or clinic to queue for an appointment, you can get the same hair removal results as the salon, saving you a lot of cost and time

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