Microtouch Titanium Solo - Rechargeable, full-body groomer for trimming, edging

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Rechargeable, full-body groomer for trimming, edging and grooming Microtouch Titanium Solo gives you total control of your personal grooming on face, back, chest and wherever you need to trim, any time- anywhere. The titanium-coated, German-engineered bi-directional razor with a replaceable dual-sided German stainless-steel blade and built-in LED light, needs no water or shaving cream, so there's no mess and you can trim anywhere. Microtouch Titanium Solo has a dual-sided, contouring and pivoting replaceable shaving head that cuts through body hair and even beards but leaves no nicks, bumps, razor burn or irritation and no in-grown hairs. The built-in lithium-ion battery conveniently recharges with an included USB cable so you can always have perfect, precise trimming to hand wherever you are. Bi-directional, pivoting-head for water-free grooming The days of the wet shave are over. Thanks to the dual-sided blade of Microtouch Titanium Solo, you can shave with, or against the direction of hair growth for edging, trimming, grooming and, of course, shaving. The German-engineered blades will cut through beards with ease, thanks to an amazing 200 micro-strokes per second, leaving a smooth, clean shave. Best of all, Microtouch Titanium Solo gives such a great finish but without needing water, gels or creams. Face or Body? Trim, Shape, Edge or Shave The incredibly responsive ultra-flex pivoting head of Microtouch Titanium Solo follows the undulating surface of your skin wherever you shave, keeping the full width of the shaving head in the perfect position to give you the ultimate shave. You can trim for perfect, set-length stubble and sideburns. You can edge with absolute precision to keep those ?burns, beard, goatee and moustache in impeccable shape, and you can groom unwanted body hair, wherever it grows. PLUS, the built-in LED light will give the you the ideal, clear view of every pore and hair to guarantee you never miss one. Built-in LED light and three trimming guides Microtouch Titanium Solo comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you can rest assured that you?ll always have enough power to complete your grooming and trimming, wherever you are. There?s also a USB charger for charging from a mains socket (via an adaptor) or even your laptop! With 3 trimming guides and a cleaning brush to keep those blades in top condition, Microtouch Titanium Solo is the complete, shave-anywhere trimming system.