Intimate Area Shaving Kit Cleancut Shaver + Trimmer

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Product Description

We are pleased to have the fantastic Intimate Area Shaving Kit Cleancut Shaver + Trimmer.

With a variety of great value shaving products on offer these days, it is great to have a name you can have faith in. this product is certainly that and will be a perfect present.

For this markdown price, this product comes generally approved and is a popular choice amongst the majority of our customers. They have added some excellent touches and this results in a great value purchase.

Manufacturer Description

This electric razor as well as leaner set have actually been actually created to safely and securely as well as painlessly take out hair on all close as well as vulnerable areas on each men and women. The Cleancut electric razor is a battery ran, ultra-fine display screen, a triple-rotary-head electric razor that is going to leave you refine as well as hair-free. Safe to utilize on women swimsuit as well as guys's groin areas. Also terrific for guys that have to deal with trimming problems on the face - being a dry foil electric razor, this is one of one of the most gentle kinds of hair extraction anywhere.

The Cleancut electric razor is far much smaller as well as much less huge than ordinary electrical shavers as well as procedures about 11cm in height. As it has a triple turning cutter enclosed within a protective composite foil, it performs not irritate or even leave bumps as well as performs not scar, reduce or even burn. Electric battery ran (utilizes 1 criterion C Tissue electric battery).

To utilize: Make certain skin layer is dry out as well as moisture-free. Apply a lightweight coating of medicated talc if necessary. Prune long hairs along with the Cleancut Trimmer provided. The Cleancut Trimmer is tooth brush sized as well as utilizes 1 basic AA electric battery. After trimming, utilize the Cleancut electric razor on the quick bristle span hair to leave a smooth finish. Operate the Cleancut electric razor in slow-moving, little rounded activities to ensure all quick hairs are actually removed. This electric razor does work in an one-of-a-kind method: while spinning, the interior cutter constitutes a triangular along with the outer foil to record hair as well as trim it tightly as well as efficiently, The interior cutter is crafted from rust-proof stainless-steel. After use, disregard excess hairs/debris, oil the cutters as well as outlet till following use.

This set is exclusively suited to close location hair extraction due to the beneficial sizes and shape of the parts as well as possessing the cutters secured, making sure no reduces. Created in Asia to a high specification. Both items in this set possess multi make uses of as well as may be made use of to take out hairs on the face, upper arms, chest, back, lower legs - in reality anywhere on the face or even body.

height = 11.5 cm, diameter 3 cm

Product Features

Painlessly removes hair anywhere on the face or body Leaves a smooth finish Pain-free, cannot cut or nick Battery operated, suitable for travel Made in Japan with hiqh quality blades
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