Handmade 100% Genuine Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Solid Beech Handle Gold

Price: £9.95

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Shaving Brushes

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Shaving Accessories



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Harrington Marley

What the Seller Says

HANDMADE MENS 100% BADGER HAIR SHAVING BRUSH WITH A SOLID BEECH HANDLE GENUINE BADGER HAIR BRUSHES ARE INCREASINGLY RARE THIS BRUSH IS MADE FROM THE FINEST GRADE OF "PURE BADGER HAIR" SHAVING STANDS ALSO AVAILABLE - PLEASE SEE MY other items Shaving brushes allow your shaving product to better penetrate the stubble by getting underneath it. Using a shaving brush also has the effect of making the stubble stand up, which makes it easier for your razor to remove it. A brush also helps to lift out ingrown facial hair. Using a shaving brush, creates a dense lather, giving the razor a lubricated coating to glide on.A quality shaving brush will last for years. However, if you want your shaving brush to last, choose a badger hair shaving brush. Badger brushes remain soft and pliable, despite daily use. RRP - £48.99 PLEASE NOTE - AS WITH ANY SHAVING BRUSH, WHEN IT IS FIRST IN USE THIS BRUSH WILL LOOSE SOME OF THE HAIRS. THIS IS NOT CAUSE FOR CONCERN AND IS QUITE NORMAL, THIS SHOULD SUBSIDE WITHIN A FEW WEEKS OF USE.