Aloeclear Ingrown Hair & Razor Burn Treatment 120ml

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Product Description

We are pleased to offer the excellent Aloeclear Ingrown Hair & Razor Burn Treatment 120ml.

With a variety of good value shaving products on offer right now, it is great to have a name you can consider reliable. The product is certainly that and will be a excellent gift.

For this price, this product is broadly supported and is always a regular choice amongst most of our customers. They have provided some marvellous touches and this equals good value.

Manufacturer Description

Aloe Clear: For use on ingrown hairs as well as after cutting. Aloe Clear is created to become utilized on P.F.B. Pseudo Folliculitis Barbae additionally called razor bumps. This ailment happens given that the freshly shaven or even reduce hairs, polished hairs hairs obtain caught under the skin as well as develop back under the skin. Aloe very clear could be efficient by aiding to ex-foliate as well as get rid of the level of dead skin that produces this ailment a complication. Aloe very clear consists of soothing actives - Aloe Vera, Willow bark remove, multi fruit acids as well as Mentha Piperita oil. An unique cooling moisturising formula for acne totally free skin. Thanks to its own beneficial, natural mix of moisturising, soothing as well as ex-foliating active ingredients, Aloe Clear supplies the clearest, freshest skin achievable after hair removal. Aloe Clear reach gel option is a defence against ingrown hair as well as is for use after any sort of hair removal operation consisting of waxing, shaving, sugaring as well as electrolysis. Aloe Clear promptly cools as well as relaxes skin bringing quick alleviation to after wax soreness or even blade burn. Aloe Clear carries out not sting when administered like numerous competitor's products products, Aloe very clear has a pleasing tingle as well as cools with a gentle menthol scent. The active ingredients in Aloe Clear are combined in a special option lessening the need for Alcohol as a provider as well as changing it rather with Aloe Vera liquid. Aloe Clear is still quick drying as well as wonderful to make use of "on the move". Benefits: No more ingrown hair! Prompt noticeable outcomes. Quick drying reach gel treatment. Intensely moisturises, cools as well as eases tender skin. Pleasant menthol scent. Non sting formula! Clears away dead skin cells, freeing the follicle from fragments. Tackles post wax irritability as well as soreness. Excellent to make use of besides hair removal consisting of shaving. Delivers very clear fresh much younger looking skin.

Product Features

Use Aloe Clear on Ingrown Hairs, after waxing, after shaving, after shave, on shaving redness, after electrolysis, after sugaring, A solution for ingrown hair Waxing, Shaving, Sugaring, Electrolysis, Hair removal, treatment, Ingrown Hairs, Ingrown, Razor Bumps, Razor Rash, Shaving Inflammation, shaving rash, Red after waxing Soothing Actives, roll on gel formulation, Salicylic Acid, soother Clear blemish Free skin,
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